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October 24, 2020

NBA Playoffs: Denver past Spurs

Spurs blew and its an opportunity to get in a 2-0 lead over Denver Nuggets. Halfway thru third quarter, Spurs had an advantage 78-59 until the Nuggets made a run. In fourth quarter Jamal Murray scored for 21 points and 8-8 from the field, including two huge three were the Spurs outscored 39-23.
Lamarcus Aldridge went on first quarter to give the Spurs a 5 point lead, and a time for DeRozan to shine in second where they had 19 point lead.
Demar DeRozan had 31 points, Aldridge and White had 24 and 17 points respectively but a lack of support from the cast ruin the game.
Jamal Murray scored 24 points and Nikola Jokic 21,13 and 8 with a lot of soppurt from Paul Millsap, 21 and Garry Harris 23.
Game Three set on Thursday night in San Antonio Texas.

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