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October 25, 2020

NBA Mock Draft: Who’s First

  1. Zion Williamson
    Since returning from his knee injury, Williamson has averaged 27.0 points on 76.7 percent shooting. He routinely leaves defenses answerless regardless of where he catches the ball. 
  2. Ja Morant
    Scouts and executives are warming up to Morant as the next-best thing behind Williamson. The Suns could argue he’s the higher-upside prospect over Barrett because of his explosive athleticism and potential to make teammates better, seeing as he leads the country in assists and carried Murray State to the NCAA tournament. 
  3. RJ Barret
    Barrett can improve his chances of going No. 2 overall by guiding Duke straight through the East Region. But a game that further exposes his questionable shot creation and finishing in traffic could result in two teams passing on him in the draft.
  4. Jarret Culver
    Culver has evolved from a role player last year to a lead scorer and secondary playmaker this season. He’s now able to create his own shot and set up teammates off ball screens. 
  5. De’Andre Hunter
    De’Andre Hunter has positioned himself as a top-10 prospect given the demand for versatile wings and his perceived low-risk projection that’s tied to strong physical tools, shooting and defense. 
    He’ll earn looks as high as No. 4, and he isn’t likely to be available for teams picking later in the lottery. 
  6. Coby White
    At 6’5″, White has the size and shooting range to play off the ball as well (96th percentile out of spot-ups), which should create flexibility for the Grizzlies during their rebuild. 
  7. Jaxson Hayes
    Hayes blocked 3.8 shots per 40 minutes this year while shooting 72.8 percent from the floor. He’ll have a defined role from day one that calls for rim running, finishing, second-chance points and anchoring Atlanta’s defense. 
  8. Cam Reddish
    It still hasn’t clicked for Cam Reddish, who’s struggled to make shots and pick spots as Duke’s third option. He’s in danger of slipping outside of the top five, although the NCAA tournament represents another opportunity for him to win back support. 
  9. Bol Bol
    Before going down earlier in the season, the 7’2″ center averaged 21.0 points and shot 13-of-25 from three. He executed jump shots, dribble moves and post-ups with unusual fluidity for a player his size. 
  10. Rui Hachimura
    Rui Hachimura won’t be a top-10 prospect on every team’s board, but one is bound to see him as an NBA starter, particularly if he leads Gonzaga on a Final Four run as his team’s top option.

Source: Bleacher Report

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