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October 27, 2020

NBA executives voted Matt Bonner trade as the best in the last two decades

The Spurs move to help the franchise much better. The majority of the executives agree that Matt Bonner- Rasho Nesterovic trade in the summer of 2006 topped as the best league. A highly questionable for the Spurs at that time as Rasho Nesterovic proved he fit well. Winning a championship in 2005 with a good role as a starting center prior to Nazr Mohammed’s arrival.

Matt Bonner that time just only played two years in a young Toronto Raptors team. On his just first season in San Antonio, the Spurs win a title. In 2008, the Spurs reached the Western Conference finals. With Bonner, Spurs never missed the playoffs led to a 10 season of 50+ wins. Once again, the Spurs reached the NBA Finals twice and winning one in 2014 with Bonner as a replacement starting center.

The resume speaks for itself, the Spurs made a 67 franchise win in 2016 with the Red Mamba sitting in the bench. He made the San Antonio Spurs popular being an instant celebrity with his “sandwiches”.

Bonner represents the team in three-point shooting all-star contest. He also led the league in three-point percentage in 2011 as he shoots 41% in his career.

Nobody can match Matt Bonner’s success after the trade was done.

Hopefully, basketball starts sooner.

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