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October 27, 2020

NBA Draft Lottery: Knicks as the Biggest Loser, Pelicans and Lakers are the Winners

Knicks had the worst record and expected to get the top pick in 2019 NBA Draft, but unfortunately settles for third overall only. The Pelicans topped overall, next by Grizzlies. Knicks was favor to get Zion Williamson the best player in this draft to partner with max player that the Knicks can sign this offseason.

Surprisingly, New Orleans Pelicans win the lottery with only 6% of chances to topple or seventh best. With Anthony Davis still demanding a trade, it’s a clearly win for the team who reportedly want to trade for the first pick. It’s clearly a choice that Zion will be their choice regardless of what will happen with Anthony Davis.

With the Lakers moving up in the draft that will pick fourth overall.They can used this as a trade assets to partner LeBron James to contend in the West next season.

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