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October 24, 2020

NBA agent and coach say they want some “Spurs Way” to help their organization It

The New York Knicks has done a series of interviews for their head coaching job. Two of their frontrunners are Spurs assistant Will Hardy and Ime Udoka of the Sixers a former deputy of Gregg Popovich. NBA coach said that they want some minds to help their franchise back to the relevance of winning. They’re expecting a significant amount of success once they should hire either one of them.

The Spurs Way is the sum being bigger than the individual parts,’’ the coach said. “It was never about Tim Duncan or Tony or Manu. Pop was allowed to coach them without individual agenda because the players bought into a system.’’

“It exists,’’ the agent said. “When it comes to player development, they’ve done amazing. The culture is just great there. When it comes to placing a young player in the NBA, as an agent, you’re targeting two franchises — San Antonio and Miami”.

One coaching source added, “The system is real. If a Hall of Famer buys in, great things happen. Tim was all about winning, a la Bill Russell. The best systems and best coaches can get more wins out of the same group of players than a strategically suspect system or an inferior coach.”

The Knicks yet to reach the playoffs since 2014 after the Carmelo Anthony era. They were been in the lottery for many years and missed big names in free agency.

On the other hand, Spurs have the best winning percentage in NBA history. Win five titles with the 18 straight seasons of 50+ winning games. With Popovich calling on the sideline, they turned never heard players, undrafted free agent into a great role player to help the team win.

Some NBA franchises hired former Spurs assistants into a head coach or front office job and help their team win. From Mike Budenhozer to Sean Marks are some of them.

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