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October 22, 2020

Must Improve on Derrick White’s Game

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Only the Spurs coaching staff and teammates how special White would be. Even the league didn’t notice he is coming to torch on his own. A breakout season for him could be the start. With his inclusion in the Team USA who will compete for the FIBA World Cup was a huge boost to his confidence.

The Spurs had a bright future with him. But he needs some improvements on his games to be an elite talent. We all witnessed that he can score with his 36 points outbursts. White can dunked over people and can defend on elite level.

These are the things that he need to help his team win consistently.

Three point shooting

With most of his position shooting three now. White is a 34% shooter from the arc. If he can work out this, it makes him more dangerous. Helping his team in spacing, he can take a little rest even staying on the court. Waiting for a pass when he is open in the three. So his defender will make a decision to leave him or not.


If you notice White just uses the screen to get the separation he needs. Sometimes his length to make a bucket. If he can do like other point guards the crossover then it can help him individually. White goes to the lane where he can control the ball and his body on balance to a score. When White can do add to secure the ball then it’s an extra possession for the team to score.

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