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November 24, 2020

Mr. Air Canada Destination to Spurs?

Half amazing that he is the only one left in the league who was drafted in the 1990’s. Dirk Nowitzki already played his last game against the San Antonio Spurs and got retired. From dunking earlier in his career and soaring like a Canadian Airlines, he even do it on his twilight of his career.

Being a jorneyman late in his career, he is coming back for the 22nd year. Although his impact in the game isn’t big anymore, he is still useful off the bench. Enter the Spurs who can offer him a minimum. Carter can be fit with the team.

Why Mr Air Canada destination with the Spurs make sense? Can mentor Lonnie Walker IV, who Spurs believe can be a tremendous athlete in future with his skills. Carter at his age contributed 7 points and 3 boards with the Hawks and played 76 games. He can teach Walker how to used his athletic skills translated to NBA success. Vince Carter, a top forward in 2000 era competing likes of Kobe Bryant or Tracy MrGrady.

Then the Spurs had no enough cap space to go in big names in free agency. Mr Air Canada can be like Pondexter but playing quality minutes with the team. Shooting 41% from the field and converted 38% of his three. He is still active in the rim were he efficiently finishes his shot at 62%. He is little slow with legs but still had better plus/minus of .5 per game.

On his age he converted 15 dunks with the Atlanta Hawks this season. Then Popovich can trust him if they need a shot, if the team need spacing. Carter played his last playoff game in 2017 against the Spurs. He help the Memphis Grizzlies in Game Four where he made 3 three point shot.

He’s an inspiration with the Spurs young wing and emotional leader for the team who need a little fiery attitude.

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