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October 21, 2020

Move that can make the Spurs a Title Contender


The Spurs roster is underrated which led by midrange duo of DeRozan and Aldridge. The analysis says they can’t make the playoffs or others the ceiling is a second round. They had depth and healthy personnel in opening night.

A mixed of young and seasoned veterans for the team. We all know that they need a force in the middle. A guy who can put screen grabbed boards and give second-chance points. Enter Steven Adams who the Oklahoma City Thunder just waiting for a playoff team to offer the best price. With the departure of Paul George and Russell Westbrook, the front office is looking to add more picks to rebuild.

The big man from Kiwi will consistently give 15 points and 12 boards per game. He will play the center and let Aldridge play his best position the power forward. Adams will the one do the dirty work while LaMarcus focus on scoring. He is only 26-year old and lot of years for him to help the Spurs.

With the big man inside, DeRozan and Aldridge will save energy on defense. Which they can be efficient on offense. The only bad thing about this idea was the Spurs going to give up Jakob Poeltl and young assets. Also the ability of the team to provide depth. Steven Adams had a hefty contract that he signed 2 years ago.

Source: Bleacher Report

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