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October 27, 2020

More minutes for Derrick White could give the Spurs better chances

The third-year guard from Colorado made his name marked in the last year postseason run for the San Antonio Spurs. Without the starting point guard Dejounte Murray because of injury, Derrick White steps up to give his team a fight for almost an upset against the second-seeded Denver Nuggets. In a seven-game series, White had a career-high 36 points in game three. Also, the Spurs guard scored in double figures five times. The only bad game he had is in-game seven which he scored 4 points. It’s understandable as it’s only his 10th playoff game.

Every game counts as they need to take over the three teams on their front that got a half a game lead. A four-game ahead for the Memphis Grizzlies could be a hard task for the Spurs but to come closer the gap is something the team likely can make.

In 63 games this season, Derrick White played 61 games with 13 starts which they recorded 6-7. The guard had an average of 10, 3,3 in just 24 minutes per game. In the playoffs last year, White usage minutes increase a lot with almost 30 minutes per game. He is one of the most important pieces either off the bench or a starter. When he scored in double figures they had a good chance to win. But the impact of Derrick White is not on offense only, his defensive value is much valuable. The Spurs are 10th in steals and blocks, 20% of it came from White. He’s perfect for whoever Popovich put him on the court. White made the Spurs better if he stays more on the floor. The combination of Murray, White, and DeRozan could work effectively. DeRozan will focus on his scoring while having another playmaker. It’s hard to score in the perimeter when your two best premier defender in the court playing together. With the third-year guard, LaMarcus Aldridge playing comfortably with him. They can execute the pick in roll much better. Derrick White takes care of the ball more than Dejounte.

His numbers aren’t great compared to some guards in the league. Before the season suspended, Derrick White, getting his rhythm in the last six games. The Spurs 3-3 on that stretch where the last game against Dallas Mavericks was impressive.

The bad game 7 against Denver last year could be an additional motivation for Derrick White. With his experience and intelligence, playoffs streak hope increases.

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