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October 21, 2020

Mistakes by the Spurs in the Last Two Decades


Everybody thinks Spurs are perfect because they win a lot. Five titles in one coach are something hard to achieve. Perfect scout to perfect draft to perfect signing. From unknown to a hero to a legend. This is what Spurs doing to be the best in history.

Few of us can remember what the Spurs did wrong. We think the Kawhi saga but no. It’s not Spurs fault at all, the franchise had a bright future ahead despite without him.

Luis Scola Buyout

In 2005 the Spurs plan to add Scola to provide depth behind Duncan. To do this they need to buy out his contract in Europe. It’s worth 3 million and the league allowed only 500,000. The remaining will be paid by him and they are not going to do this. Negotiations of the buy out fell through because Peter Holt opposed this decision. In 2007, his rights were traded to Houston with somebody who never wears a Spurs uniform.

Goran Dragic traded his rights

Again the Spurs traded his rights because they had already Parker as an elite point guard. With his second stint with the Suns, Dragic was the best player to swept the Spurs in 2010 playoffs. The Dragon had a great career in Phoenix until he wants out. Now he is the starting point guard of the Miami Heat and putting a good number with the team. Imagine if front office keeps him and a back up to Parker. It’s a huge asset for the team if the Spurs never doubt him.

Traded for Richard Jefferson in 2009

The team is desperately looking for a fourth option in 2009. They traded Oberto and fan-favorite Bruce Bowen to the Bucks for RJ. Instead, to be the guy he was a 3 and D shooter. RJ never pan out with the Spurs on his first season. He can’t create points for himself. A none factor in every playoff run. To add the worst, the Spurs still signed him for an extension in 2010. The damn moment for San Antonio, it’s a dump.

Revision of Pau Gasol Contract

Pau Gasol opted out his contract to give the team flexibility. After they missed an opportunity to sign Kevin Durant they sign Pau Gasol. A three-year deal worth 48 million. Gasol is already in decline the year before he signs with the team. He is too slow and liability at fast pace games. Don’t have enough quickness and out muscles on the post. The money he had is too much for being a mentor to the young big man.

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