June 15, 2021

Mike Bundenholzer wins Co-COTY with Billy Donovan

Sources told ESPN as per Woj that Mike Budenholzer of the Milwaukee Bucks and Billy Donovan of the Oklahoma City Thunder win co- Coach of the year award.

For Mike Budenholzer this is his second straight after guided the Bucks into the league-best record for the consecutive years. Overall it’s his third award after winning the first one in Atlanta in 2015. Bud already tied his teacher Gregg Popovich for such an award who also wins 3 times.

For Billy Donovan, it was his first after guided the surprising Oklahoma City Thunder into a playoff berth. The franchise made a trade for Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers and Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets. Donovan guided the team into a sixth seed 41-24 after two superstars gone. With the veteran Chris Paul and super sixth man Dennis Schroeder leading the on-court charge.

Nick Nurse of the Toronto Raptors ranks second in voting which is one vote away to a three-way tie.

Other coaches who received votes are Memphis’, Taylor Jenkins, Indiana’s Nate McMillan, Boston’s Brad Stevens, Miami’s Erik Spoelstra, and Lakers’ Frank Vogel.

This is the second time there’s a tie of winners, first was in 2017 after Spoelstra and D’Antoni win it.

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