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October 27, 2020

Mavericks Trade an UPGRADE but still the SPURS OWNED them


Dallas trade on draft nights for the rights of Luka Doncic made them relevant again even Dirk Nowitzki DNP status. They want somebody to pair this KID, and they make it when they traded for Kristaps Porzingis who yet to play this season from the New York Knicks. Included from the Knicks is Tim Hardaway and Courtney Lee for DeAndre Jordan, Dennis Smith Jr Wesley Mathews and two future first round picks.

They made an upgrade, which Porzingis can play and dominate both ends off the court when healthy. Hardaway is good offensive player and very dangerous when he’s on rhythm, and Lee is a better 3 and D and can stay healthy.

The only problem with this deal is Porzingis can’t stay healthy and Tim Hardaway contract which will limit them in free agency and the depth which few players left with guaranteed contracts.

Still San Antonio Spurs is ahead of them, Dejounte Murray is coming back next season and improving. Derrick White is not playing anymore on G League and Bryn Forbes will keep on improving, Lonnie Walker IV had an experienced. Jacob Poeltl getting steady minutes and will find another gem on draft nights and finally get rid of Pau Gasol’s contract.

They always owned the Dallas Mavericks in any way. Spurs had a great story every season, last year it was Aldridge and Murray and this year White and Forbes playing quality minutes, with Derozan improving as a passer.

Luka and Kristaps are good to great player if they do winnings, Spurs young guns is at best with proven veterans and one of the greatest of All Time, named Gregg Popovich. Doncic had a triple doubles early on his career and impressive but it was a stat man. No hate but no other Rookie than Tim Duncan made an impact on his first year alone.Spurs are 2-0 against the Mavs this season and two of this are closed games.

Spurs own Texas, the Rockets is good and James Harden is lightning but they aren’t healthy and cap space is limited due to Chris Paul’s contract. In Division, Memphis got nothing with their combo and how do they will start again? The Pelicans now what when your MAN wants out?

Dallas Mavericks will have a better future when they are going to put new pieces to build on future but when that times come, they can’t catch the Spurs where Dejounte will be an ALL STAR, Derrick White is too good to be off the bench and winning SIXTH MAN.

Sorry Dallas fans it’s not an illusion Spurs proved it in the past and consistently in the coming years.

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