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October 27, 2020

Matt Barnes: Ginobili was Tough to Guard

Back in his days, Manu Ginobili was a reckless talent who sacrifices his body just to win. Matt Barnes stated that Manu is one of the toughest he faced. Barnes was a superb defender with a 6’9″ size.

Ginobili was known for his Euro step as his main weapon. He made his defender confused if where he is going to pass or shoots. Add to his arsenal the pass that he made. Manu is a scorer who played most of the time as a point guard. The Spurs legend is a master of ball fake also. It’s kinda cool watching toying his man.

Offensively, Manu got no weakness as he can put points anytime he wants. His moves are unpredictable. Back in his days, he can dunk over people. A decent three-point shooter on his career.

Manu was an intelligent man who knows where the mismatch is. Popovich trusts his man most of the time. As we saw that he had more game-winning plays than Parker. At 6’7″ he is quick to attack the lane and too strong to overcome the big man in the paint.

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