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October 25, 2020

Marc Stein: The NBA could follow Taiwanese basketball policy to continue the season

The Taiwanese basketball continues their season despite the coronavirus disease. The NBA is suspended for a month since Rudy Gobert tested positive. All sports in the US follow to suspended their season. The Super Basketball League of Taiwan is already on their Round 17, a total of 31 games.

In theory, the NBA could attempt similar policies. The NBA could directly follow the SBL model in a vacuum, but Taiwan’s effective response to the coronavirus outbreak alters the picture. There have been, “fewer than 400 reported COVID-19 cases and only six deaths as of April 10,” per Stein. Taiwan, “has coped with the coronavirus pandemic as well as any.”

The officials of the league relocate their games to HaoYu Basketball Training Center. They only allowed 100 occupants with selected training and media personnel, players and coaching staff.

The SBL has composed of five teams which former NBA player O.J. Mayo served as an import.

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