April 18, 2021

Manu Ginobili: The MOST ACCOMPLISHED Star

Nobody knows his name or can pronounce it clearly until Charles Barkley shouted it noticeably. Nobody knows how long he plays in the NBA, until he dunked on everybody. He is known in Europe and Italy where he always win, a champion and MVP.

Got drafted 57th in overall in 1999, even Tim Duncan and Coach Popovich didn’t believe how good Manu Ginobili once healthy. His career stats isn’t that amazing like any other stars in NBA, just an average of 13.3 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 3.8 assists added 1.3 steals. Just two All Star, two ALL NBA, he just put good numbers as a sixth man in 2008 where he won it. He never won Finals as MVP in all of his four titles.

But every time he’s on the court, the Spurs played well. He made every play for the team, the ball is on his hands every dying seconds. In 2005, before Tim Duncan made the lay up in Game Six against the Sonics, Manu Ginobili drives to the lane and dropped it to TIM. A game winning shot by Robert Horry at THE PALACE in 2005 Finals, Ginobili did a pass again. Even in 2014 Ginobili made 3 points shot against the Thunder and dunked over Chris Bosh to settle the deal.

 At his position as a shooting guard, if purely statistics or being a famous it is hard to include Ginobili at top five. Kobe Bryant first, James Harden, Dywane Wade, Ray Allen, or an overrated Klay Thompson. These five had a better numbers than the man from Argentina. The expectations when they enter the league made Ginobili to play better.

Is Manu Ginobili can be better if he plays on another team? Of Course he can. Here’s the proof. The 2004 Olympic gold medal finished, the 2002 FIBA World Championship second place finished. Or even the 2008 third place finished in China was a great achievement he had. Whatever competition he joined, he excelled, even catching the BAT in San Antonio.

He perfectly executed the Euro step, he made it fun to watch, didn’t travel, just flopped. Not backing down every competition, he isn’t afraid to be a poster just block Kevin Garnett, Dywane Wade or others.

This man didn’t had an attention like Kobe Bryant in 2004, like Ray Allen movies, James Harden consecutive 30 point games, Dywane Wade swapping jersey after the game for Klay Thompson non sense answer. He did compete even in a broken nose.

Manu Ginobili the Michael Jordan of Argentina, such a wonderful man who achieve every level of competition. The most underrated guard who for sure a Hall of Famer. He was loved in San Antonio, and the fans all over the world. Even his opponent respect him, and even Charles Barkley can’t say but love to Ginobili. Manu, in a Charles Barkley voice “You’re a WINNER”.

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