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October 27, 2020

Luka Samanic potential in the right track with the Spurs development program

Spurs rookie Luka Samanic made his NBA debut last night against the Brooklyn Nets in which he yet to score but his potential to be a good piece for the franchise was shown. With the proper workout for his skills, he will be a good addition. A perfect big for this modern era of basketball. Another year in G League could develop himself to be stronger and match up well at the big league. That’s why the Spurs scouting staff send to Europe to follow this kid.

Tall Luka defensive awareness is much better compared to some big men’s in the league. When the Nets guard trying to put him into skate Samanic didn’t get fazed. He just stayed in front of his man, his knees never get bends. Some of the guards once they switch they can make a shot but with Luka using his reach they forced to make a pass. Samanic will not easily beat by his man as he can run in transition. Some of the big men now prioritize offense, but with Samanic he can do both ends of the court.

Even the 20 years old from Croatia failed to convert his shot his stroke looking good from the distance. It’s normal for a player to get his rhythm. Even the legend Tim Duncan had his bad game in his very first college game. It’s a matter of confidence to get his shot. Another good part of his game is his passing. When he found a smaller defender after a switch to him, he posts up brought his man near the rim but with active hands, the ball gets slapped Samanic recovered the ball and the double team comes he easily finds the cutting Drew Eubanks for a dunk. With his foot speed and good dribbling skills, he can beat his man using these skills.

A complete package for a big man is perfect for a team. He just needs to work for his body strength to compete with some athletic big in the league. He’s still young, he already shown that he can make a good play in G League. Another summer workshop and with some games in the Spurs uniform next season, this kid will surprise Spurs critics once again like the reaction we had in the last June NBA draft.

Nobody can match the Spurs development program that they started more than a decade ago. That’s why they selected this kid and they’re willing to invest their patience.

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