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October 26, 2020

Lonnie: We need to stay hungry

This could be the youngest Spurs of all time in years and the struggle to handle the pressure is obvious with a 26-37 record. San Antonio is one of the teams that send to Orlando to compete for the final eight spots. Having a young squad led by Dejounte Murray 23, Lonnie Walker 21, Keldon Johnson 19, and Luka Samanic 19. Only Derrick White turned 26 this year which had most experienced in games.

Dejounte Murray who recently signed an extension last year told his fellow younger players just to be patient for the greater goods.

Just be patient,” said Murray of his message to the younger players, “we’re all putting the work in and we’re ready to play basketball.”

These young guys have yet to crack more minutes behind the veterans. Murray and White just average less than 25 per game, Poeltl had less than 20 and Walker 14 per game.

“For me, I’m good,” said Walker of resuming the season. “I’m just ready to play basketball. I’m still trying to get my foot in the door.”

“I just want to be more consistent with my game,” said Walker about his games in Orlando.”

Lonnie Walker IV showed how good he is when giving more minutes on the floor. Together with the other young guys, Johnson, White, Poeltl, and Murray they perform into the next level trying to prove their worth.

Just hunger,” said Walker IV of what drives the younger players. “We’re a young athletic group that wants to play defense. We’re starving, we’re ready to play, we’re ready to win.”

The next eight games could be a good factor in how the team could make an adjustment for the future.

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