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October 27, 2020

Lonnie Walker IV is the Spurs most fun to watch

An article with Pounding the Rock saying the Lonnie Walker IV is the Spur’s most exciting player since Manu Ginobili. Spurs legend is fun to watch, his dunks,the Euro step, and the dedication every time he steps on the floor. Even in his injury he, played with a broken nose and a broken elbow. No-load management. That’s why he’s the most popular Spurs of all time.

Air Lonnie is going to be more fun when his minutes are going to increase. The kid loves to run in transition then hangs in the air. Lonnie can stay in the air to change his shot. Then he scored from it. With his athleticism, he can dive the loose ball, fight for the rebounds. He is like an engine who getting better the longer he’s using.

Also because he can light up from the arc. Three points shot with this era is just really something extraordinary. When somebody shoots three or four in a row right there, for sure the fans love it.

Dejounte Murray is one of the most exciting also. Being a menace on the defensive end, he went for a steal and dunk in transition. The scuffle against James Harden, adds a little girl for him to be more fun. Same with Derrick White who loves to dunk when giving an opportunity. DeMar DeRozan is an exciting one but because of his inconsistency, we overlooked him.

Again back to Lonnie, he is a force even had struggled offensively. His defense is underrated, he’s not that guy who steals the ball that Murray did but he stops his man to be creative.

People love the energy that he brings in court. His hair is something fun and unique. The poster dunks are coming that could be on highlights on a nightly basis.

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