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October 22, 2020

Lonnie Walker is an ultimate Spur with his character

In terms of basketball success in a small market, the Spurs did a lot that other organizations yet to do. They have been underrated to all NBA discussions having the greatest player of all time, coach, trio, dynasty, or championship run. People can’t deny the facts of how great they are. With some personality in the league praised them others get jealous.

They were trying to say it’s about Tim Duncan that’s why they Spurs were blessed. But the San Antonio Spurs build to win multiple titles through a family. They considered themselves a member of the family.

With people around the greatest country in the world are in protest after the death of George Floyd after an officer kneeled into his neck. As some riot made in San Antonio protesters vandalized, destroyed, and created havoc to some establishment. Then the second year Spur came out and help to clean up their mess. Lonnie Walker IV that was raised from Reading, Philadelphia said he’s part of the San Antonio community.

I take great pride in saying that I live in San Antonio,” Walker said. “I am part of this community.”

He also added that he was just another person who wants to help.

I am just trying to be another human being playing my part,” he said. “I am not Lonnie Walker who plays for the Spurs. I am not an NBA player. I am just a regular human being trying to do what we are supposed to do, and that’s to create peace, positivity and joy throughout everybody’s lives.”

That’s why the Spurs is the most successful franchise as they build people with high character. Talent can win basketball or title but the character can make the community better. The Spurs got an owner like Red McCombs then pick David Robinson who’s a servant of his country after serving the Navy before getting play in the league. They had a guy like Avery Johnson and Sean Elliott. Then Gregg Popovich who help to assemble the squad. With Tim Duncan’s arrival in 1997, the Spurs have been on top. Timmy is a man who also leads his family, he set as an example for his teammates.

Multiple times Gregg Popovich preferred a high character over talent. From Dennis Rodman to Will Perdue, and from Stephen Jackson to Tracy McGrady.

Lonnie Walker just starting his journey as a Spur but his attitude since he was drafted is like a Spur who got high character. He’s one of the fan-favorite every game. People want to watch him playing most of the time. Walker has a lot to do with his game development but Gregg Popovich finds a talented kid who can care for his community.

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