August 4, 2021

Lonnie Walker: A make or break year for him

The Spurs wing Lonnie Walker had ups and downs last season with his playing time. In his second season, he averages a dismal 6 points, 3 rebounds, and an assist per game with 16 minutes per game. Earlier his been buried on the bench behind Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli. But with these two guys likely on their way to exit in Spurs uniform next season, Walker will continue to get his minutes like what he did in the bubble game. It will be his make or breaks season that could determine his future in the San Antonio franchise. There’s a lot of positive things about his game late in the season after he scored five times in double figures in eight games in Orlando. The most underrated from his game was Walker passing ability as he averages more than 3 dimes in eight games.

With consistent minutes, he could have a game like the Houston Rockets that his been clutch while defending James Harden. Among the Spurs roster, Walker had the most upside as Lonnie been a complete package. Lonnie Walker has been a 40% shooter from the arc, an athletic kid that brings energy to the team. The Miami product midrange game is way too smooth while having a great body to compete for physicality. Lonnie Walker has been aggressive in his last six games in the bubble. Even at struggles offensively, he managed to help his teams in multiple ways.

With consistent minutes next season, expect him to get his rhythm all season. Walker also defends his man whichever he goes. When the time he gets these minutes, everything will come off himself, Walker can build chemistry and confidence.

The Spurs are still high on him to reach for his potential as a player. At 21, free from injury with this hardworking coaching staff Walker will be a great piece to the Spurs roster that will compete in many more years. The key to this was Gregg Popovich to give what Lonnie Walker needs. The kid already made everything to prove his worth, playing in the G League, learn with his teammates, play at best every time steps on the court. Pop should put Walker in the game like what he did in the Rockets game. Threat him like a veteran who wants to win every second.

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