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December 5, 2020

Like Pop mentality: I don’t care about the streak but please beat this Rockets alive

Gregg Popovich has been cleared with his statement, the Spurs in Orlando is to develop themselves for the future. But if they continue the playoff streak it’s a bonus. With a pair of games left, the Spurs could have a chance to play in if the Memphis lost twice, Portland and Phoenix once. Then also if they win their last two games against the Rockets and Jazz.

While Spurs streak fate is not really on their hands, we’ll always ask to please give Spurs best when they facing the Rockets.

Houston Rockets win the Southwest Division in which the Spurs belong. This team is the most annoying, they don’t accept defeat. James Harden disrespects Dejounte Murray as a player. Their social media pages smashing David Robinson in a one playoff series. They also posted that the reason why Michal Jordan retired was Hakeem Olajuwon’s gonna exposed them.

Together with their fans, they’re crazy to rank Hakeem over Tim Duncan. What kind of homer are you? Also insulted that nobody likes San Antonio and never a dynasty because we didn’t win back to back.

How could you be a top team in Texas if you haven’t won for the last 25 years? These people keep on insisting they are fun to watch and Spurs are bored to death. Then who’s the craziest people on the earth that winning is boring and you have fun at losing?

Harden can have his numbers but the Spurs will try to regroup once again to get back in contention.

Rockets’ local tv commentator also a lot bitter when they lost against the Spurs which is far different from the Sixers who respects a lot from San Antonio.

A win over the Rockets kinda feeling of winning a title 100 times. Hopefully, the Spurs will win, and make sure there’s no protest.

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