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October 24, 2020

LeBron James was the real misinformed and uneducated


The comment of LeBron James about Daryl Morey tweet that the former was misinformed was inappropriate. Personally, I didn’t expect this to come out of his mouth. Believing in him about his stands for human rights. Like Adam Silver, Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr stand for this issue. LeBron James doing great with his community founded the I Promised School for children in Ohio. But his stance to favored China was like an abusing your power. He should be the model of every person’s inspiration to others. Because of his hard work, he made millions he’s been the most famous icon in the world.

HongKong was the victim of their own freedom here. They need to do something on their own that China wants to interfere with. Mainland China is a bully to a small and poor country. They had an issue with the countries like Taiwan, Vietnam and Philippines because of greediness.The world hates them. James had history about his race as a victim of police brutality in America. Had the same arguments as the HongKong nationals. He is the face of the NBA for more than a decade. Should use these things as an instrument to speak against people who abuse the rights of humanity. Of course, China will praise him after his tirade about Morey. Sales on sneakers, jersey, and merchandise will rise up. Maybe his movie about Space Jam 2 will be available in all cinemas in China and blockbuster. China excelled in this bribery. As a gift for the favor, you did for them.

He should follow the footsteps of Muhammad Ali who sacrifice his belt, the Jim Brown of football and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Even Colin Kaepernick who’s parents were an executive of a cheese company speaks for the rights of his race. James was against Donald Trump’s policy with the immigrants.

LeBron James cared for his career in China more than the life of protesters in HongKong. The NBA was a model of caring for people globally with their NBA Cares program.

I know that in his career James needs somebody to rely on big moments. He had Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers four-year run. Now had Anthony Davis by giving up the young players.

Grow up LeBron you need to issue an apology for the people of HongKong and the victims of bullying by China.

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