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October 21, 2020

Lebron James lack of Toughness


What was your philosophy for an athlete in general?

Toughness is the number one attribute for an athlete in any kind of sports. Can’t stand for a soft one, no matter how talented he is. If you’re not the one who can handle the pressure, nah I’m not gonna drafting you.

Playing well in three quarters of a game is good, but fourth is what matters most. Regular season games is important, playoffs is the best to perform on highest level. Every game counts.

Player shouldn’t care about beating the teams he supposed to beat, just take care of those formidable teams with another superstar.

In any sport, your superstar is ready to challenge any superstar in the league.

If he is Jerry Rice, you’re supposed to be Dion Sanders. If you’re the best corner back in the game, then give Jerry Rice all game long.

Then, if you’re LeBron James then do not back off to guarding Kevin Durant on a deciding play in a deciding game for a title series and watch KD hits a game winner over a shorter less talented teammates.

A league best player, a team full of bandit role players- even very talented ones, should not make you fold. Dallas Mavericks made Lebron crumble.

Lebron James, he’s the best off the court “school promise”, but on the court he is an elite excuse player. If he played on the 90’s he would not be even Scottie Pippen.

It was really D-Wade carried Lebron James for a title in Miami Heat? If he want to be the man he should stayed in Cleveland.

3-6 in the playoffs with another superstar carrying him to atleast on of the titles in Miami. Folding under pressure of against a make shift Dallas team, and an over hill San Antonio.

Chasing away of Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving because of his fragile ego. By the way Thomas had a “toughness” and Lebron was intimidated by that. He refused to guard the others team best players.

It’s fair to say that he is not belong on top 10 talent ever? Instead he is just another great player in top 20 or like maybe to 15 but not the greatest ever. You pick of those guys not in order, Jordan, Magic, Kobe, Kareem, Duncan, Wilt, Shaq, Bird, Oscar and Hakeem, not even thinking twice of it.

Could Barkley, Isiah, Jerry West can be better than Lebron?

Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, Ray Richardson can be better and like Lebron if they stayed healthy in their career.

But toughness man, that’s what do you need to start a franchise

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