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October 20, 2020

Lebron James: Can’t Figure it OUT how to Beat POP


Greatest of All Time as others described him, the best basketball player of this era and nobody is close he is LeBron James. Beat the odds and make history in the Finals where they came back from 1-3 deficit and take the title in his native Cleveland the first one in fifty two years. He is the King, the Chosen one, he started the idea of super team with Miami in 2010. Some other teams make a plan how to beat them, did you say the Golden State Warriors in 2016 signing Kevin Durant in free agency?

But the Spurs is different, they are unique on their own way. They beat LeBron’s ass whoever’s his teammates. This season with the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Antonio Spurs won the season series 3-1.

LeBron records against the Spurs in playoffs and NBA Finals has been worst 5-15 and a swept in 2007.If Not for Ray Allen series saving three they are 2-0.  Even Popovich team now is one of the worst he had his James numbers. Spurs are not known for his defence this season but still James can’t overcome Pop’s team.

In every best player or best team, there is always somebody that will beat them. It’s doesn’t matter how best they look or play.

Spurs fan be glad that even we had struggles we can say that we had numbers of LeBron James the greatest player of this planet. And Popovich is one of the greatest, who made a great adjustment whoever personnel he had, he never quit and love challenges.

The great things about this two individual is that they love each other thru the years they competed.

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