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August 13, 2020

Laugh on me but Dejounte Murray will be a top-five point guard in three years

When the front office signed Dejounte Murray an extension last October fans have mixed reactions. A kid who missed the whole season with a major injury. When he struggled then demoted some people of San Antonio Spurs want to work for a front office job. They need to trade Murray every time he turns the ball over.

We are on doubt about our kid that need time to be better. We didn’t give him to chance to try to find his range before we execute him. This kid is the youngest member of the All-Defensive team in NBA history. He’s still raw, but young and had potential to be on top with his work ethic.

Maybe I am joking here but I’d never doubt my guys. Dejounte Murray will be the best point guard on certain years. There’s a lot on his position that better than him right now. Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook one of the best. Young guys like Trae Young, DeAron Fox or Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons are a few of them to be great.

That time Dejounte is only 25 years of age, with playoff victories on his resume which should be a great thing to build on. Yearly Murray will be an All-Defensive team member without a second doubt.

There’s no one in this group committed to the defense than DJ. He’s not the guy who pumps his chest after the big play. Murray’s man isn’t a spot-up shooter but an MVP, the best scorer of an opponent. A huge responsibility of a young kid to minimize his man’s effectiveness. Dejounte accepted the challenges ahead whoever he faces.

Offensively he improved his scoring. The shot selection he made is more than we think about what he can do. In the last game against the Milwaukee Bucks, he made three of his four shots from the arc. He minimized his turnovers because of the confidence in his shot. If Murray comes to the level of Tony Parker he could be the most dangerous in his position.

Nobody’s in the league that helps his team winning without hitting a shot. The intangibles that Murray brings to the Spurs so what something special. The kid will not make 5 to 7 threes per game but the will to do everything will put him on top.

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