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October 30, 2020

LaMarcus Aldridge to Jakob Poeltl: He’s the real fun guy

When LaMarcus Aldridge needs a rest Jakob Poeltl will check-in. But he takes a sit for a second and back on the hardwood right away. When the officials found out that Jakob Poeltl is not wearing his jersey.

I take a sit for a couple of send when I heard Coach Pop yell on me, said hey your boy about to sleep. Get your ass back here.”

Aldridge played almostt nine minutes in the first quarter. Which time for Jakob Poeltl to do his job.

” He’s the real fun guy. He put smiles on our face even the officials. The coaching staff led by Pop can’t stop smiling. Our teammates on the bench. What a humor from Yak.”

Jacob Poeltl asked if what he feels in that sequence.

” I thought I lose almost five pounds in warm-ups. I didn’t notice that am not wearing it. When I entered the court one official said to me. You’re wearing an old uniform tonight mate. George Gervin already retired.”

The Spurs had a good game until the blow away the lead in the third quarter. They lose to Clippers 108-105, fall to 10th with 22-27.

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