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October 27, 2020

LaMarcus Aldridge Played BIG, Spurs beat the Celtics 115-96


With Lamarcus Aldridge going hot early, the San Antonio Spurs make a must needed win against the Boston Celtics in TD Garden 115-96. Just bounced back from his bad game against the Rockets, he scored 48 points 13 boards and 6 assists.

The Spurs fed him early to get going and the team had a seven point lead at half time. As Aron Baynes, his primary defender, he score but 19 points in first quarter alone. The Celtics just cut the lead only to 4 points in third quarter but the Spurs make a 13 to 2 run and end the quarter with a 12 point lead.

Demar DeRozan had 16 points and 11 assists, he is the primary playmaker and started a run in third quarter. He scored 10 points on that run to extend the lead at double figures.

Jakob Poeltl started the game and they never lost in his last but one in those game he started. It shows that Lamarcus Aldridge was comfortable when there is another big playing on his side. His primary focus on offense, playing aggressively.

As Poeltl focus on helping him to protect the rim and boards, Aldridge never doubt or thinking and just put the ball into the basket. The San Antonio Spurs still at eight seed but one game behind fifth seeded L.A. Clippers and half-game behind Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz for sixth and seventh place.

We think that the Spurs aren’t worried whoever they faces in first round of playoffs as they beat most of it the contenders team in that 10 wins. The Celtics on the otherhand dropped the four consecutive games and currently fifth seeded in Easter Conference.

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