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October 27, 2020

LaMarcus Aldridge had plenty left on his tank

Spurs All-Star big man shows why his contract has been fully guaranteed by the San Antonio on January 1st. As he came up big with the win over New Orleans Pelicans as the Spurs improved to 20-23. This is their first three-game winning streak after starting 3-0 in the season. With the hype of Zion Williamson NBA debut, Aldridge spoiled it. Even the rookie scored 17 in the fourth and take a lead. The Spurs keep their composure to registered a must-win game. LaMarcus Aldridge used his size in the post to tally 32 points, 14 rebounds which six is offensive, 2 assists, one steal, and two blocks.

When his team needs a guy to score to avoid another collapse, Aldridge demands the ball on his hands and made a basket. Then to seal the game, he found himself sinking to clutch free throws. With Pelicans throw different defender to him, he still manages a way to score. The big one highlighted is when rookie Jaxson Hayes defended him in the third quarter. Aldridge put him on the floor with a power move to score.

Since last month, when LaMarcus Aldridge extends his scoring option the SPurs becomes a better team. He’s been consistent with his three points shooting as he made in twelve consecutive games. Only DeMar DeRozan overshadowed Aldridge, that DeRozan has been awarded a player of the week honor. He revitalized the Spurs offense as he primarily spaces the floor for Spurs slashers. The Spurs went 5-1 on their last five games as they blow the game against the Atlanta Hawks. Which also Aldridge dominates the paint scoring another 30 points.

It’s just right for San Antonio Spurs to keep him until next season as the tea, needs a veteran guy who can score, rebounds and defend the paint. He’s still useful for the team’s future as a mentor and to continue the playoffs streak. For now, they grabbed the eighth seed with a half game lead over the Memphis Grizzlies. With Aldridge’s help, the Spurs are still favorite to make the postseason for 23 straight years. His game is like a modern big man that gives his guys an option. But he’s still a force inside that can dominates opponent by using strength and power to win the game.

The big man who now 34 years old leading the Spurs in rebounds and blocks had a lot to prove with some guys around the league. His experience is good enough to warrant the Spurs a good pursuit of every game.

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