September 27, 2021

LaMarcus Aldridge could be a Hall of Famer


The big man from Texas had a glorious career. He already played 12 seasons in the association eight as a Blazer and four as Spurs. According to Bleacher Report articles, Aldridge is one of the current NBA players who had a chance to be in Hall of Fame.

After drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2006 and traded his rights to the Portland Trail Blazers. Aldridge becomes a 7-time All-star and five-time All NBA. He is the best reason why the Spurs still in playoffs every season while rebuilding their young core.

His midrange was his bread and butter of bis success. He scored playoff career-high 46 points against Houston in 2014 game one. Aldridge had scored 30 points or more eleven times. Reached to the West Finals once in 2017. He led the Spurs to eliminate the Rockets prior to that with 34 and 12.

He still the focal point on offense with the Spurs. He led the team in scoring, rebounds, and block shots. The big just missed only one game last season. He had 56 points his career-high in a win over Oklahoma City Thunder in double overtime.

Still, a formidable big man in the current league that dominated by the guards and shooters. If he keeps the consistency he is doing on his career he will be locked into a worthy Hall of Fame.

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