August 4, 2021

Lamarcus Aldridge best Spur ever after the BIG 3 Era


Summer of 2017 when he talk to Pop and request to trade him but uit didn’t happened. On that season the Spurs signed him an three year extension. An All Star that year and led his team into playoffs with 47 wins and lost to the champion in five games. This year he led his team manning the paint and a one two punch with Demar Derozan.

He is one of the five Spurs who had at least three All Star appearance after Gervin, Robinson, Duncan and Parker.

Lamarcus Aldridge had a career game against the Oklahoma City Thunder a victory which he scores in career high with 56 points and perfect from the line without attempting any three.

Had a slow start early and the Spurs record is 11-14 averaging 21 and 9 and didn’t miss single game this season.

Hopefully he will play more than four minutes this time. For leading the Spurs this season he clearly deserve to be in Charlotte.

After he signed in free agency four years ago, and somebody QUIT he led the team. Because of him the San Antonio Spurs still relevant and one of the dark horse to be in the WEST FINALS.

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