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March 2, 2021

Lakers fans should not put Anthony Davis in the same class with Tim Duncan

As the Los Angeles Lakers making a great run so far in the bubble some of their fans come out to disrespect Tim Duncan includes other great big men in the history of NBA.

Josh Toussaint a Laker fan first said in NBA Twitter “AD’s postseason run shouldn’t be discredited bc he plays with LeBron as yall did with Kobe bc he played with Shaq. We’re seeing one of the greatest postseasons runs for any big man EVER.”

The first title of Tim Duncan 1999 run is impressive featuring a 15-2 record. Imagine he’s only 22 years old as David Robinson the second-best teammates already 33 years old with two years remove from a back injury. Spurs second title run with Duncan among the top best given the thing that he faces the 3-time champion Lakers, a 62 win Dallas Mavericks, and a prime Jason Kidd. Tim Duncan 2005 opponent isn’t easy, 49 win team Denver Nuggets, 56 wins SuperSonic, 62 wins Dallas Mavericks, and the defending champion Detroit Pistons. Anthony Davis just faces Jusuf Nurkic coming from a major injury, a 6’5″ PJ Tucker, and slow-footed Nikola Jokic. Common Lakers fans what are the challenges about that? With the physicality taken away, it’s in Davis’s favor. In the Duncan era, everybody you need to sell your body before you’ll go to the line. Tim Duncan had to face these weak guys, Shaquille O’Neal, Ben and Rasheed, Kenyon Martin, Kevin Garnett and Marcus Camby before he can get a bucket.

What would a ring do for his legacy?” Put him in the Duncan, KG, and Dirk conversation. And he’s still 27” one of his quotes.

Before 27, Tim Duncan is a 2-time champion, 2-time Finals MVP, regular-season MVP twice. Anthony Davis had two teams. Enough said!

AD’s a much better scorer than all of them except Dirk (it’s debatable). He’s a far better defender than Dirk. More versatile on D than Duncan and KG. He’s only missing the hardware and the nostalgia”

Tim Duncan’s team is a top defensive team that won multiple titles. He’s the only guy with more All-Defense teams that didn’t win a Defensive Player of the Year. The Big Fundamental is always a positive impact per 100 possession. His defensive rating was 96 in his 19 years, his worst was in 2010 with a 101 rating. Anthony Davis’s team has never been on the same as Duncan.

It’s crazy for a fan who compared a guy to one of the legends that locked the top five rankings as one of the greatest NBA Players. Tim Duncan is the ultimate winner no matter how great a challenge he faces. While Anthony Davis had three series wins in his career. Duncan already wins with some guys who have been nobody. There are no numbers that can break Duncan’s legacy. Whoever you put on Tim’s back he wins. Comparing a real winner to a bum is always a shame.

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