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November 26, 2020

Lakers fan discredit Tim Duncan greatness with a bad play on 2013 NBA Finals

A week ago, the Los Angeles Lakers win their 17th title against the Miami Heat in six games that were held in Orlando, Florida. LeBron James named the Finals MVP, as many as he wins the title in ten tries. The last time they made it, Kobe Bryant leading the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010. With this Mickey Mouse championship, some fans talk fancy things. Some of them make fun of Tim Duncan particularly his missed layup in the dying seconds of game seven in the 2013 NBA Finals. They thought that the Lakers works hard for it.

Duncan missed a practically wide hook/layup against a smaller BATTIER in the 4th quarter of game 7 in the NBA Finals. And we’re supposed to acknowledge these takes that he’s the 5th all-time great over Kobe?” via Twitter of Javale McGoat.

That certain missed doesn’t define Tim Duncan’s greatness, especially how the Spurs demolished the Miami Heat the next season. The Spurs legend and the late Kobe Bryant have been a rival but Tim Duncan has superior greatness. The way he wins on his own without asking for proven teammates. Tim Duncan made Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili more successful in their career.

No greatest run can match the 2003 Tim Duncan performance. The Lakers with Kobe and Shaq were highly favorable to win for four straight years but Tim Duncan with a 38-year-old David Robinson, raw Tony Parker, and a rookie Manu Ginobili win it all. He overcomes 49 wins Denver Nuggets, a 55 Seattle Supersonics, and a 62 wins Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference Finals while having a tough battle against the NBA Champion Detroit Pistons in 2005.

Before that tragedy in January, Kobe Bryant confesses how great Tim Duncan just to spoil the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty. While these Lakers fans can talk smacked against anybody, they got nothing if they’re playing outside the Hollywood. Kobe Bryant is more popular and his influence around the world put himself into the conversation but people who love real basketball like Tim Duncan. The Spurs legend doesn’t care about where to put him about his greatness, but one thing for sure he achieved everything he wants. He put his city on the map without sacrificing the culture and his Spurs family.

The hate was understandable, Spurs had success in a fair and square battle while the Los Angeles Lakers failed to exit in the first round after Shaw left the team via trade. They become favorites when the league gives them Pau Gasol to compete.

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