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October 21, 2020

Kobe Bryant: How many would we’ve won if the Spurs weren’t the Spurs

In a show, Los Angeles Lakers legend shooting guard talks to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. One of their discussion was how many they could win together with Shaq. The two had won three straight together from 2000-2002.

People are talking about what if they don’t have a feud and stay together. But Kobe corrected by simply saying how many they could of Spurs are not that good. The San Antonio Spurs disposing of the Lakers in 2003 with Tim Duncan the back to back MVP lead on their way. In five years the Spurs is in contention and win three of it. While the Lakers missed the playoffs in 2005 after the break up of Kobe and Shaq with a couple of first-round of exit the next years. Then they made a midseason move to reach the finals thrice and win two of it.

While the San Antonio Spurs lead by Tim Duncan is quietly making their case as one of the NBA’s best.

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