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October 27, 2020

Klay’s father: He’s ready to go

Stephen Curry backcourt partner has been ruled out since last year of the game six of the NBA Finals after he turned his ACL. Klay Thompson trying to make a basket in transition but fouled by Danny Green. The marksman on his way to the locker room, when he came back to the floor to take free throws. He told Steve Kerr to give him 2 minutes of rest he’s ready. But the test revealed a tore to ACL that needs a year to be healed.

With the NBA suspension due to COVID 19, players have been quarantined. But Mychal Thompson, Klay’s father gives an update about the recovery of his son.

95.7 The Game: “He says he’s feeling great and he’ll be ready to go at full speed next year.” Mychal Thompson provides an update on Klay. “He’s feeling good, he’s working out on his own, he’s doing all of his drills. He says he feels good, he walks around without any kind of limp, no kind of soreness.

The Golden State Warriors are officially eliminated in playoff contention prior to suspension. Stephen Curry already played two games after a finger injury in November. This team could look scarier than ever if they’ve got the lottery pick.

One 2021 season is back, the Splash Brothers are going to be fun once again.

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