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November 26, 2020

Kevin Durant hyped on Keldon Johnson two years ago becoming a legit

Keldon Johnson is a steal of 2019 NBA Draft at 29.

Kevin Durant hyped his game two years ago before he entered college.

You talk about scorer, this guy (Johnson) is it. He’s athletic, nice with the right, it’s hard to stop him going with the right” quoted by Kevin Durant.

In Orlando bubble games, Keldon Johnson set a career-high 20 points in only 10 shots. The Spurs rookie is shooting 67% from the arc with nine tries in four games. Most of his three are from the corner. These four-games, he shoots 62% (18 of 29) as every game he improves on his scoring(8,9,15 and 20) playing more than 20 minutes. Johnson finds success from the arc despite it’s one of his weaknesses. He’s aggressive driving to the lane which he drew some foul (2 vs Denver), some of it is and one.

Kevin Durant’s observation of Johnson’s game in high school looks right. Keldon is unstoppable if he’s going to his right. But he has varieties of move one of them is behind the back.

This kid is only 20 years old and just played the 13th game of his career. There’s a lot of room for his growth on the court, the ceiling is unlimited. Although Johnson yet to developed how to create from the midrange.

Keldon Johnson is already a great defender who played like a veteran. With a lot of works this offseason no matter what kind of disappointment the team had this season it could not be taken too long.

Playing for the right organization and coaching staff with Popovich guidance. He’s bound to be an All-Star for more years to come.

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