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October 31, 2020

Keldon Johnson make the Spurs genius with his potential

Spurs fans addressing Gregg Popovich that rookie Keldon Johnson is ready to contribute for the franchise anytime soon as he steps in the court. This kid is playing great in G League as he leads the Austin Spurs in scoring with 20 points per game. With the injury of Marco Belenille, Johnson takes over his minutes against the Charlotte Hornets. His impact show why he needs to be in the regular rotation.

With his first meaningful minutes in the big league, Keldon’s performance is perfect. Scoring 7 points without hesitation, that’s unbelievable that he can match up well to anybody. Defensively, he just allowed a bucket when his man scored at him but Johnson guarded his man well but the help defense is a little late and a small Patty Mills in the paint. The kid from Kentucky added an assist, a block and a steal with only one turnover. While against the Brooklyn Nets, Johnson has been fantastic with his fellow rookie in the final quarter. He’s though to shut down as his defender force to give up a foul when he drives to the basket. It happened three times.

Keldon Johnson yet to be a good three-point shooter but he’s willing to take it when he’s open. His game is like DeMar DeRozan loves to attack the lane without hesitation. A good mid-range shooter. Johnson’s defense excelled at most using his long wingspan. This kid is like a motor who doesn’t get tired to be aggressive all game.

A proper work ethic with his shooting touch could make him a better player. A 19-year-old kid dominates the G League will need a good rotation minute with his mother team. The Spurs coaching staff is known for their patience to develop their guys. This kid will likely make headlines if he gets his minutes. Playing with the Spurs young guys who already experienced in some big games Johnson will likely make it. He’s a shooting guard who can play small forward so the advantage is with him.

The Spur’s front office will rise and smile again once Keldon Johnson becomes a steady contributor. The potential already noticed at some moments. If Johnson can sustain his improvements, the Spurs could get back in the business once again.

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