May 17, 2021

Keldon Johnson already surpassed a prime Bruce Bowen offensively

On the 16th game of his career, the rookie already breaks his own career-high in points in only just three games pass. Keldon Johnson scored a solid 24 points in just 12 attempts with perfect from the arc. Every game, the kid is improved on scoring. He took advantage of the lack of a big man to bother him on the court.

Johnson who spent most of his time in the G League been a perfect 58% from the field while shooting 63% from the arc (12/19). Early on his career, he’s likely to be a mini Bruce Bowen who will take a shot from the corner. But he already surpassed the Spurs veteran the way he contributes offensively. Johnson a 6’5″ guard/forward is near unstoppable at the rim converts 69%. The corner is automatic for him with a 62% rate. The kid’s weakness offensively was his midrange as he shoots 20% of his shot from 10-16 feet. It will be a lot of works in the offseason with Chip England.

Keldon Johnson was projected to be in the late lottery but he slips at 29th that Spurs took him. His coach in Kentucky, John Calipari believes Johnson will be a good fit with the best organization in sports.

He will be the one that over-delivers. He’s in San Antonio, the best organization in the NBA, with the great coach who prepares young players,” Calipari said. “At the end of the day, fate intervened for Keldon not against him.”

They said he was a top-10 pick when he left here and then a month and a half later he’s picked 29th. Knowing the draft the way I do, I haven’t spent time really going into that knowing that there are teams that you didn’t work out for and you slip a little bit and then all of a sudden you slip by those teams, and then it’s like what’s wrong with this kid?’” Calipari said

That “slipped” used by Johnson to motivate himself.

“I am blessed to be in the draft,” Johnson said to San Antonio Express News“There are a lot of people who don’t get that opportunity. It is definitely motivating. But, at the same time, God blessed me to a great situation being here in San Antonio. I am just taking it all in and enjoying it, and kind of leaving it alone. The draft is behind me. You are starting at ground zero when you get here. I am just ready to come in here and learn and have some fun.”

Johnson contributes big time more than we expected from a raw young kid. He can’t make a mistake when he’s on the court. The kid nicknamed “big body” or “mustang” had no hesitation on his shot at the rim. The rookie fouled 15 times while shooting the ball with 2 and1.

The Spurs find another gem which 27 teams failed to do. The talent, skills, consistency, and courage is already there. This kid is just starting to do his job when he’s fully aware of everything, Johnson is the real problem for his opponent.

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