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November 24, 2020

Jordan Clarkson should NOT Play with the Philippine National Team for FIBA.

Jordan Clarkson is a legitimate NBA player with the Cleveland Cavaliers and also one of a number of international basketball players in the NBA today.  Clarkson is a Filipino-American player with an issued passport when he was just 16 year-old.  He is qualified to play for FIBA basketball representing the Philippines. 

Further, the designated organization of the National Team are making appeals after appeals to make Jordan Clarkson eligible to play for FIBA.  In the event that FIBA allows Jordan Clarkson to play let me be the first to state that that is a bad idea for Clarkson.

Let me count the Ways!!!

First, FIBA only allowed one naturalized player for every team and Clarkson is considered by FIBA as a naturalized player.  The Philippine team already has Andray Blatche as a naturalized player and plays as a much needed big man for the National Team; Thus, making Clarkson ineligible to play for the Philippine National Team.

Second, Jordan Clarkson is an upcoming young gun of the Cleveland Cavalier and is making a base salary of $13,437,500.00.  He signed a 4-year $50,000,000.00 with the Los Angeles Lakers before he got traded to The Land.  His contract has a $50Million guarantee which means the entire contract is fully guaranteed.  In the light of the approaching free agency after the 2019-2020 season, Clarkson should not risk getting injured outside of the NBA and well before his free agency (2020). 

As a matter of fact, a lot of NBA superstars are already opting out of the FIBA competition (related article:, all for saving a next big contract. 

Lastly, Jordan Clarkson is not a familiar name in the NBA; however, he does receive a lot of attention when he was dating Kendall Jenner.  Players like Jordan at this time needs to get attention in terms of basketball attributes and not outside. 

Moreover, if he does get injured (knock on wood) teams would be reluctant to give him a good contract not unless they see a profitable marketing value out of it.  In like manner, if he performs well below an average NBA player next season even without the possible injury, he’s still at risk of not getting the next big contract. 

So why doubling your risk!!!


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