May 17, 2021

JJ Redick told Pop: Keldon can’t stop me

NBA veteran JJ Redick spoke on his show “The Old Man and the Three” with DeMar DeRozan as his guest. One of their topics is a game in Orlando which the Spurs played against the Pelicans. It was a must-win for both teams that want to play in the final seed of the Western Conference. On that particular game, the Spurs dominated the Pelicans most of the time as they leading in double figures. But JJ Redick is on fire after scoring 31 points and make 8 of his 12 three. The one thing Redick noticed was Popovich talking to the Spurs rookie Keldon Johnson and he told Pop.

I told Pop, he (Johnson) can’t slow me down, I’m going after him every time I get the ball”

DeMar DeRozan and Redick laughed into it and DeRozan remembers how the team instructed Johnson how to defend Redick.

“I love him to death. One of my favorite rookies I’ve ever played with. Keldon always loves to accept the challenge to make him better. He’s going to be good in this league.”

JJ Redick maybe cooked every Spurs defender but San Antonio had the last laugh on that game with a 122-113 win.

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