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October 21, 2020

Jessie Roy Clemente Basilio: Tim Duncan put every Filipino Spurs fans ahead of everyone

The media doesn’t care too much about the San Antonio Spurs outside of his city. Then the same question as somebody watching Spurs outside of America? The answer is yes, some Filipino love Spurs from the Philippines. My friend Jessie Roy Clemente Basilio a die-hard Spurs fan from the northern part of the country. He traveled at least 100 miles to meet a retired Spurs player, he needs to wait for more than 2 hours and take a line to get a photo with a certain player.

” I’m a Grant Hill fan before Tim Duncan came to Spurs since then I followed Duncan. We’re lucky that even Duncan unknown to our country, we’re proud because of our team wins a lot.”

The Philippines is full of bandwagon LeBron James either Stephen Curry.

” A lot of bandwagons fans who shift there team if they think this one is better than the other one. LeBron James specifically, got a lot of millions of fans but he can’t win. When I bet for him because I don’t like the Warriors I need to take the plus ( point spread) because he can’t win all by himself.”

” I feel like we’re ahead of everyone with Tim Duncan because we cheer for him and most of the time we win.”

In this country, we make fun of some analysts when the Spurs played on free TV when they still broadcast the NBA games because of these guys didn’t care and talk nonsense when the Spurs make a basket. I had an experience in a Mall store when I tried to look for Tim Duncan jersey that a saleslady answered me that they don’t sell it because they got no idea who’s Timmy.

JB Takboleros, Camiling Tarlac

When Bruce Bowen came to the Philippines back in 2017. He is a fan guy, who loves to make jokes. I said to Bruce that I love the blocked he made on Dirk of game five in 2006 playoffs. Then he smiled and replied, “you remember huh”?

Like Tim Duncan who doesn’t care if where he gets rank to be the greatest, we Filipino Spurs fans quietly smiled when somebody said they had the best team. We already made history, our team already set a record before these “join us” players come together as a team.

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