June 15, 2021

Jared Dudley: Anthony Davis is more talented than Tim Duncan

The newly crowned champion Jared Dudley of the Los Angeles Lakers said that Anthony Davis is more talented than Tim Duncan. We witnessed that Davis been a mismatch in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat which they win 4-2.

Dudley who’s been a guest to the Bill Simmons Podcast claimed that Davis did better offensively and defensively over Tim Duncan.

“I think Duncan was more of a set standard. In a sense that you knew exactly what you get from Duncan. He can go inside out, I think AD is way more talented, better defensively, he can guard. I think AD has another level. We all agree on it.”

Of course, people and media love Los Angeles that’s why a water boy like Jared Dudley made this kind of comment. Tim Duncan put the San Antonio Spurs on the map by winning on his way against the toughest guys in his era. He made it without addressing such trade to make his team better. Tim Duncan is 2-1 against prime LeBron James, with guys around him that played on their prime. While Anthony Davis leaves the New Orleans Pelicans and failed to deliver but a one playoff series win.

To the real Lakers fans, please educate your dog.

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