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January 17, 2021

James Harden: This suspension saves my a–

Reports that NBA owners and players want to salvage the season by July, August or September. With this pandemic coronavirus, the league being cautious as players being tested positive.

The NBA made history and one of it the Houston Rockets which after 25 years of choking will play in the unlikely date of time. James Harden who is known for being the biggest choker in the recent time of basketball share his thought.

This NBA hiatus saves my ass in the meantime, you know what I mean? I put big numbers in the regular season by making 20 free throws whole game and shoots 27% from the field and 16% from the arc. But I make worst in the playoffs. You know I failed in 2018 after Chris Paul went down. In-game seven we missed 27 straight three if we play again we could break that record for missing another 30.”

The Rockets got a 3-2 lead-in 2018 Western Conference Finals with the brilliance of Chris Paul.

” In 2017 against the Spurs, after a 39-year-old blocked my three in-game five I’m totally nothing in the game six without Spurs best player. I mean these choking will always be with me.” I’ve got another MVP Russell Westbrook but I can’t trust him to save my ass, he lost to a rookie Donovan Mitchell and against Damian Lillard.”

When we play big team likes Dallas Mavericks my center is 6’5 and he will just make one shot in 40 minutes. Kristapz Porzingis is a seven-footer. Luka Doncic is incredible this year.”

My message to Rockets Nation, please save my legacy by debating that regular-season achievement.”

” Don’t forget the most important thing turned off your TV when playoffs arrive.”

Note: This is for fun only 😂 😂 😂

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