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October 25, 2020

James Harden should shut up against Giannis because he’s useless if the free throw doesn’t exist

James Harden has his tirades against Giannis Antetokoumnpo about the Greek Freak skills. The Rockets superstar a 2017 MVP being bitter about last season as the Bucks superstar beat him in the MVP race. Same this season as Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the Milwaukee Bucks for NBA’s best record also an MVP frontrunner. Harden thinks Giannis is not a good athlete outside of dunking.

Oh, James Harden shut up and win first on his own. The Rocket management gives him Chris Paul for two seasons, then a game away to dethrone the Golden State Warriors in 2017 after Chris Paul hell of a game in that five games. Then he choked for the next two games. Harden had no idea what is winning all about, the guy is lucky because he got Dwight Howard in his prime and now Russell Westbrook.

The Beard disrespects that big man who in old school basketball. Bill Russell used his dominance to help the Boston Celtics triumph in the 60s while Tim Duncan’s old school skill helped him win five titles. While Giannis made the Eastern Conference Finals last season with his buddy Kris Middleton a G League alumni with a bunch of good players on his side. There’s nothing wrong if he dunks more often it’s the way to play basketball efficiently. The most important thing is they’re winning and have a shot to get a title. The Bucks forward battled a lot of big bodies in the paint just to stop him. It’s not easy as you think if five guys are waiting to do whatever they think is right. It’s a skillset to use on his advantage to score or find teammates to make life easier to score. A 50 win team in the month of February is a display of good mastery. Remember this thing, basketball is for the big man but rules change over time. Only Giannis Antetokoumnpo can do a point guard to the center position on both ends of the floor.

For James Harden, your window on winning basketball is shutting down. Yes, you didn’t miss the playoffs in your career but you disappeared in the big game in the postseason. You’re being a diva if you don’t get a call. Scoring 36 points per game are impressive for you, cared about numbers to get individual honors is easy. If free throw doesn’t exist then you’re nothing. Harden has a streak that his numbers down because he’s the guard playing honest defense. Remember you shoot less than 30% from the field and 17% from the arc. Wow, no superstar can do that streak just only you. Your team needs you in 2017 game six of the West showdown against the San Antonio Spurs but you were outplayed by a former G leaguer, Jonathan Simmons.

If Harden can beat teams and even get an NBA Finals he will get more respect. Common, don’t get the sympathy of others just play ball. The man beat you fairly, don’t get offended if he said ” I want a guy who can pass the ball” because you hold it for 20 seconds in reality before taking airballs. The reigning MVP outplayed everybody and the records show a lot that he’s a proven winner.

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