September 27, 2021

James Borrego: There’s some Manu on Luka Doncic

Former Spurs assistant coach and now Charlotte Hornets head coach James Borrego believes Luka Doncic games had some Manu Ginobili. He thinks the same with Spurs legend they’re both fearless.

“I think back to a guy like Manu Ginobili, which we had in San Antonio. When we got him — he was a little bit older (25) obviously than Luka (20) — but he had that playing experience under his belt.”

“Both guys they remind me a little bit of each other — just not being afraid of the moment,” Borrego said. “They almost relish the moments, the big moments, stepping up to the moments, wanting the ball in their hands. Just a special, special talent.”

The two are both products of European basketball. Luka Doncic one of the most popular in the league. He leads the Dallas Mavericks at the seventh seed this season. With the comparison of being fearless Doncic is still far from what Ginobili did in the game. The Spurs legend played through injuries throughout his career.

Luka Doncic an MVP candidate with his early young career putting huge numbers. Ginobili is quietly making his case as the most underrated shooting guard who popularized the Euro step. The Michael Jordan of Argentina is a proven winner in any level of competition.

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