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October 21, 2020

Jakob Poeltl will leave Spurs if can find a larger role elsewhere

The San Antonio Spurs big man is set to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason. He can sign an offer sheet to other teams and will be matched by the Spurs if they want to retain the big man service.

In his interview with the local press from Austria Press Agency, Poeltl talked about his future in the league.

I would be interested to look at least a few other options and maybe find something that fits the concept better,” Poeltl told the APA. “But when it comes to my career and my development, my role and the playing time are in the foreground.”

Without LaMarcus Aldridge heading to Orlando, Poeltl is ready to step up to help the team win.

“It depends a lot on how well I play. Last year I expected more from myself, but also from my role and my minutes. That’s why I don’t want to play another year under similar conditions if it doesn’t have to be,” Poeltl said.

Prior to the season suspension, Jakob Poeltl suffered a knee injury but he said he’s fine to compete for the next eight games even others are skipping to preserve their health to earn on a contract year after playing well this season.

The contract year, there’s obviously some pros and cons with playing and not playing,” Poeltl said. “It was just a matter of the business side of it, the health side of it. Trying to figure out what makes the most sense.”

We came to the conclusion that it’s safe enough,” he said. “Personally, I always wanted to play.”

Jacob Poeltl is playing well but limited in minutes despite the Spurs’ lack of big men after Aldridge and him. He just averages a little over 20 minutes per game. Poeltl played 40 minutes in a double-overtime win against the Houston Rockets in which he responded well. Since then, he just played 20 minutes once before an injury. On his fifth next season, he’s looking for more role. If the Spurs can’t give that to him, then his tenure in Black and Silver will cut short after two seasons.

I’m going into my fifth year in the NBA. I’m not saying now that from the start I expected to play 30 minutes in the fifth year, but I expected progress every year.

Jakob Poeltl is one of the great talents with limited time to show it but right now his focus is in Orlando’s game starting on July 31st.

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