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October 27, 2020

Jakob Poeltl: Top priority for San Antonio this summer

The fourth-year big man didn’t receive an extension last October. They made Dejounte Murray as their main option signed for a four-year deal. While Jakob Poeltl was underrated for San Antonio this season. He’s been great with the team when giving his due. Poeltl acting professionally even he deserves more minutes.

The big man just averaging 19 minutes per game. With six points and six boards per game. If we compare this is far behind with other centers in the league. His impact on defense alone makes the team better. The Spurs is plus 14 if the center’s on the court. Having seven starts this season which two of it LaMarcus Aldridge is out. All of these game is a win for the Spurs. Big wins against the Rockets and the Kings.

Against the Houston where San Antonio completed a rally, he had 6 points, 15 boards, 5 assists, and 5 blocks. The effect he made on defense alone made his team better. Poeltl isn’t athletic like others but he uses his intelligence to play better. Last game against the Cavaliers, when he inserted into the starting unit. The Spurs made a comeback to take over until they blow it up in the final seconds.

The Spurs didn’t have this kind of defensive wizard big man since Tim Duncan. Derrick White joked that they are going to let their man pass on the perimeter because Jakob is ready to tear it up.

Offensively he is quietly made his role. He knows where is the best spot for him to score. A gifted underrated passer of his size. His best is in the paint or giving his team second-chance points.

Jakob Poeltl is only 24 years old who had a lot of upsides. This kind of tough guy is what the Spurs need to secure. A perfect fit for the young squad with the same age as him. A big man who can do a lot of small things in a great way to win. Unlike others who just put numbers but creates a lot of holes to his team.

This era of basketball didn’t take defense as too much of a priority. But when it comes to the postseason things slow down. A defensive scheme is very important. That was the moment you need a tough guy like Jakob Poeltl.

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