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October 30, 2020

Jakob Poeltl: Spurs underrated hero

The underrated big man silently helps his team to get a win. Jakob Poeltl had the best game of his life against the Houston Rockets. Without LaMarcus Aldridge, taking advantage of the time he puts on the court. He is so underrated defensively. We can say a poor man version of Tim Duncan without an offense.

The big man doesn’t need a touch to make his impact on the game. The defensive effort he puts on display is what the team asking for him to do. He didn’t jump too high to get rebounds and block shots. But Jakob had the best timing in the league to change shots.

With the two best guards in the league who can attack anybody, Harden and Westbrook just limit their best by Jakob Poeltl. A big man who is not afraid to run the floor to save points in transition.

The big man is the one reason why James Harden missed a ton of shots. He changes every attempt near the rim, he’s always in the picture to bother it. Before the regulation, he saves the game as the last line of defense. Jacob Poeltl earned his minutes as the only big when LaMarcus Aldridge is out. He’s battling the more athletic Clint Capella down below. Jakob also an underrated passer who found his teammates in the best chance to get the bucket.

The Spurs missed a lot of points on post up without LaMarcus Aldridge but moving the ball with Poeltl is fun to watch. Guards trying to find the best open man to score while Jakob setting the screens. In final possession, after Harden missed a shot with 8 seconds left he pushed the ball to Walker before Spurs drew the foul. The missed was a product of Poeltl’s blocked That was an intelligent decision making. The awareness of the game situation is very valuable at that moment. Four of his five blocks are in the final minutes of regulation and overtimes.

Jakob a man who’s willing to sacrifice his body also drawing an offensive charge. A silent hero for the Spur’s biggest win of the season.

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