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October 22, 2020

Jakob Poeltl Should model his game next to Splitter

The fourth-year big man from Austria had an underrated career while playing for the Raptors. But after a year with the Spurs under the tutelage of coach Popovich, Poeltl has shown some potentials to be the one of the young core players of future Spurs. He has made positive contributions for the Spurs last season.

Jakob has been in and out of the starting line up depending on the matchup. Poeltl has shown that he can be the main defender of the best big man of their opponents. He has shown potentials to be a good rim protector and rebounder. His presence in the center slot would slide Aldridge to power forward and help him save energy and focus more on the offensive side of the floor.

Poeltl can pattern his game and role for the Spurs the way Tiago Splitter played ball for the Silver and Black. With new assistant coach Tim Duncan around to guide and tutor him, who knows he can improve and play even better than Splitter. Aspiring to be the next Tim Duncan would be a herculean task. But with Duncan himself to teach him, Jakob and the rest of the Spurs big men can aspire to be like Tim. Even if they become a shadow of how Tim played the game, it will surely go a long, long way to bring the Spurs back to the top.

Jakob will play a big part in the Spurs future with LaMarcus having two more years left on his contract and already 34 while hinting a return to Portland. But the Spurs need not worry as their big men’s future are in good hands under assistant coach Tim Duncan.

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