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January 23, 2021

Jakob Poeltl: BIG man from Austria a SPURS PERFECT


A package from a trade last July from the Toronto Raptors, with Demar Derozan, slowly fitting well with the San Antonio Spurs.

He don’t really put up big numbers unlike any other player in the league just average 5.4 points and 5.1 rebounds with 1.3 assist, only 0.7 block. But his presence on the court made the difference.

A great defender, this guy brings a tremendous amount of defense to the paint. Opponents mindset to the game against the Spurs is to attack, attack and attack. When Jakob came in the game, they will at least think it twice. A good defender, quick feet, athletic, contest shot. He is the best Spurs defender now.

Instant offense , a version of Tiaggo Splitter when he gets around the paint how he can finessly get the ball into the basket. Can torch his body that a lot of big man can’t do, and he can also attack the rim even in a limited range.

Ability on pick in roll were Popovich loves too much. Poeltl give a screen that hard that anything you’ve ever seen and he is that man. He almost made every play of pick in roll. Really good at finishing and setting up the play.

When he’s on the court with L.A., he was a center were Lamarcus at power forward and very effective he played with his real position, the Spurs trying to join the league want to play small ball but, they’re losing. With two traditional big, team can compete well and they are efficient. Aldridge dominates his opponent, and Poeltl putting body in the paint.

His chemistry with Derozan, that they played two years with the Raptors. These guys when on the court together they made a lot of positive impact. They know what to do on the court, ” he is really intelligent player, know how to read the game, knows how to get defenses to breakdown” Poeltl on Derozan. He believes on Derozan ability on how to get other involve, and he wants to be involved. “Hell of a player. One of the toughest big man I’ve ever played with. Agile, runs the floor, protects the rim. Probably sets one of the hardest screen I’ve ever felt” Derozan on Jakob. This things should make the coaching staff think “hey this two should playing together” and start winning.

Had six game winning streak, five of it Jakob Poeltl started one game his out of injury.

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