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October 27, 2020

Jabari Young backups his claim for DeRozan’s being unhappy

DeMar DeRozan denied Jabari Young’s claims earlier about his unhapiness in San Antonio. Then the former Express-News reported replied and backups about what did he said in The Blitz of ESPN San Antonio.

See what you caused @JasonMinnix

... asked a question, gave my thoughts… but OK..for the #Spurs fans… who think everything is always strawberries and cream with your team…. check the track record. And then… believe what you want… so let’s go…and then, I’m out… so

And so… believe me… don’t believe me… player will never admit in public just as Aldridge called Jim Rome and said he’s happy… only to reveal he wasn’t. Again Believe what you want… don’t believe. Big 3 is over… #Spurs not immune to real life in the #NBA

But… what do I know? Only covered the team and broke stories while doing it…but for now on, ask other who cover the team… they might know more than me

have a great Saturday

And sorry for the…just woke up… but muting this… as, i have other things to do…lol… my time talking about 1 team is over. Did my best when there, now ask the other writers…no more radio interviews for me lol…clear some aren’t ready for the real drama.

Jabari Young also told his report with LaMarcus Aldridge’s trade demand in 2017. Which a year later Gregg Popovich confirmed the All-Star big man requested a trade. He also reported about Kawhi Leonard, then as Danny Green added to the trade. Young told also the report of RC Buford promotion and Brian Wright as a general manager. Then he also claims that the Spurs didn’t offer a contract to Jonathan Simmons which his camps get upsets.

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1 thought on “Jabari Young backups his claim for DeRozan’s being unhappy

  1. DeRosan’s unhappiness being traded to the Spurs wasn’t any secret. He was happy in Canada and believed that they were happy with him. It was understandable (as a Spurs fan) that he was very disappointed with his trade here. We also could see that couple of years ago LaMarcus Aldridge was not happy. These emotions are reflected in their manner of playing.
    Just as it takes fans to adjust to new key players, it also takes a year or two for players to adjust and appreciate their new team, fans and city.
    They may not be happy being a Spur now because they’re not winning but they need to play with their hearts just like Mamu, Tony , Bowen, Sean, Duncan, Robinson, etc. did!

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